053008 2015-09-11

8.Which statement is true regarding online redefinition for the migration of BasicFile LOBs to SecureFile LOBs? A. It cannot be done in parallel. B. It can be done at the table level or partition level. C. It does not require additional storage becau

053007 2015-09-11

7.You need to configure fine-grained access control to external network resources from within your database. You create an access control list (ACL) using the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package. Which statement is true regarding the ACL created? A. It is

053010 2015-09-11

10.Consider the following scenario for your database: -Backup optimization is enabled in RMAN. The recovery window is set to 7 days in RMAN. The most recent backup to disk for the TOOLS tablespace was taken on November 3, 2007. The TOOLS tablespace i

053014 2015-09-11

14.Which two statements are true regarding hot patching? (Choose two.) A. It requires relinking of the Oracle binary. B. It does not require database instance shutdown. C. It can detect conflicts between two online patches. D. It is available for ins

文件监控与通知机制 audit inotify 2015-09-08

什么是audit The Linux Audit Subsystem is a system to Collect information regarding events occurring on the system(s) Kernel events (syscall events) User events (audit-enabled programs) syslog会记录系统状态(硬件警告.软件的log), 但syslog属于应用层, log归咎与软件, 并不会记录所有动作. 于是aud

Tip:部署sharepoint2013SP1指定SQL数据库时的小细节 2015-08-10

============================================================= 在指定数据库配置的时候,如果我们只是输入数据库服务器的名称,那么默认sharepoint的数据库会被安装到默认的SQL实例里面,也就是安装到MSSQLSERVER里面. 如下图,我的SQL服务器上有两个实例,一个默认实例,一个命名实例,sharepoint数据库被安装到了默认实例里面. ============================================